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Making B2B sales happen is hard, especially if your targets are in traditional markets.

At Circle, we are gathering the best Sales & Marketing experts to share their knowledge and experience, so no one misses another opportunity

answers to your Sales challenges

Many of us wonder how others are selling to relationship based industries like construction, energy, manufacturing, health, telco, and public sector. With COVID pandemic, it is even harder as they are no more trade shows or in-person events. 

We want to solve this problem by connecting peers and leaders to share their winning tactics and know-hows to their peers. 

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All of us face sales challenges every day. How we should approach a business? How do sales dynamics work in a specific industry? What are the trends in B2B sales in each market?

Circle wants to answer all the questions above by:

Industries Inside Our Circle

Construction & Real Estate
Mining & Forestry

Experts Inside Our Circle


To share how they manage their business and teams


To share how they identify long-term opportunities  


To share how they plan and execute to convert prospects

VPs of Success

To share how they maintain their relationship with clients

VPs of Sales

To share how they build trust and relationship with their peers

VPs of Business Developeent

To share how they maintain and grow the existing opportunities

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Meet Some of Our Hosts

Matt Laungie

Marketing Expert
Fomer CMO of Adobe

Geoff Hultin

Telecom Expert
Former BD of Telus

Hamed Taheri

Account-Based Marketing
Founder at Robust Choice

Omar Robinson

Software Sales Expert
Head of success at clio

Hamid Omid

Customer Data Expert
founder at softmax

Dave Keighron

b2b e-commerce expert
ucw innovation centre

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