Questions That You May Have

Most frequent questions and answers

What data do you need?

We take care of interviews with your buyers and sellers. Your CRM is the main data source that we would need. In addition, we provide a list of complementary data points on your sales teams and customers to enhance our results. Nonetheless, we always start simple. It is an iterative process and we will add more data over time while delivering results to you. 

How long will it take to deliver the results?

It depends. Generally, after four weeks, we will deliver our first results on Win/Loss Analysis. By three months, we will give you a thorough win/loss strategy document outlining top best next actions that will increase your win rate, and an in-depth analysis of your revenue data. We store everything in your database to be visualized in your BI tools.

What do you deliver as the results?

We provide in-depth reports discussing our findings with a list of possible next best actions. As we progress, we create a win/loss strategy document that includes top patterns/challenges influencing your wins and losses, and the next best actions per pattern. We use our WHAT-IF ANALYSIS module to predict consequences of various strategies for your review before execution.

How often should we do this analysis?

It depends on your company and opportunities that exist to improve. You may conduct Win/Loss Analysis every year, every quarter, and/or you may continue the program on a more regular basis. It is very important to remember that the philosophy of the analysis is to align Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams and ensure buy-in for findings.


Should we know Machine Learning to use your results?

No Technical effort and machine learning expertise are needed. We take care of everything and deliver the results in a clear business language with actionable insights. If you have people with technical and machine learning background, that would be great. We can collaborate! It would be fun!

What will you ask our accounts, both lost and won?

First, it is a common practice that an unbiased third-party conducts interviews with buyers. We have a guideline for what kinds of questions we should ask to understand/discover underlying reasons for your wins and losses. We will review and finalize our interview questionnaire and plan with you.

Where do you keep our data and implement your solution?

We can implement the solution any where you want. We can implement on Microsoft, Amazon, or IBM, or your private servers.

Will you engage our internal teams?

We think that they are key in helping us come up with the next best actions to increase your win rate. It also ensures buy-in to the outcomes of our work. However and if and when you find it useful, we just engage people in the most efficient way to capture their insights on why you win or lose.

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