Good Data

Get Good Data synced to your CRM, on Autopilot.

Right Companies

Targeting companies is more than their size & industry ...

We profile companies based on their firmographic data alongside analyzing their public data to extract concepts, keywords, areas of work, which 10x improve the accuracy of targeting

Buying Signals

Sniper Intel (our product) captures buying signals & other critical insights about companies by analyzing data from 200,000+ sources like news sites, social media, company websites, regulatory portals, review sites, … & Each user gets what they need.

The right people

Finding the right people is more than their title and location ...

We deliver contextual data about executives to boost your marketing automation and BD/SD teams with a new level of personalization.

Website Tracking

Monitor website or entire portal for changes. Let our technology track your competitors’ websites, your customers, key accounts, government portals, and any important websites. Get notified in real time

Our B2B Database Coverage

1 M
Websites Indexed
1 M
Professionals Verified
1 +
Attributes Extracted
1 K
Media Monitored

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