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Geomatics Sales Acceleration

We run highly targeted marketing for Geomatics companies To win new customers in both the private and public sectors across North America and Europe

Who We Help

Geomatics Sales

We help Geomatics sales & marketing leaders with a turnkey Go-To-Market solution that engages your target accounts automatically.

Specialized - FOcused

Targeted Markets

You have a unique product that solves big problems for specific targeted industries and companies.

B2B Sales

Strategic Deals

Your deals are large, complex and require time to implement & customize.

Complex BUying Journey


You must engage multiple decision makers in the account to win a deal.

How We Help

Turnkey SOlution to Drive deals

Data + content + Automation = predictable results & revenue success


We deliver a CRM-ready database of the top companies and decision makers who will buy from you.


We build the playbook that attracts the executives in your target accounts by optimizing your B2B offerings, website, and social media.


We complement your marketing infrastructure with tools, data, and automation to drive deals for your startup.

Happy Customers


We serve clients selling to various industries such as construction, manufacturing, health care, government, real estate, venture capital, agriculture, forestry, and energy industries.

Why US

Meet Our Team

The team behind the Geomatics Sales Acceleration program are world-class professionals in the Geomatics sector. Our team is also composed of executives with experience in complex business development, executive networking and relationship sales in Geomatics and other high-technology sectors. The Geomatics Sales Acceleration program is designed to help small and medium businesses in Geomatics market and sell their products and services to accelerate revenue growth. 

Hamed TAheri


Data Scientist & Product visionary with leadership roles in various high-tech startups. 10+ years of experience in B2B software product development & enterprise Implementation. Holding 2 MSc degrees from UBC and IUT on Data Sciences, Visual Analytics & Decision Support Systems.

Matt Langie

Marketing Leader

Former CMO at XANT (InsideSales.com). Held marketing leadership roles in scaling high-growth startups, including leading the global product marketing for Omniture acquired by Adobe for $1.8B as he helped to scale its revenue from $120M to over $1.3B in ARR during his tenure.

Reza jalali

MBA, OPerations

Operations executive experience in multiple startups in hardware manufacturing, healthcare technologies, and software products. Hand-on experience with marketing and sales technologies. Strong team management, disciplined execution person, client management.


Ramin Azar

Geomatics Sales

PhD in Remote Sensing | Executive | Geomatics | SAR | Optical | Data Integration

Rick Davidson

Geomatics Sales

Engineering Technologist | GIS specialist | Senior Business Development Manager

Mohsen Rafiee

B2B marketing

Sales and Marketing | Land Surveying | Technical Sales | Project Management | 12+ years

Omar Robinson

Enterprise Sales

Experienced Sales Executive with a particular strength for relationship building, initially within the I.T. industry managing high profile accounts and establishing contacts at Senior level, and more recently, in the field of Marketing and Promotions. 

Geoff Hultin

Enterprise Sales

With over 25 years experience in sales, product marketing and sales in Telecom, SaaS/Cloud, and Internet companies, I deliver practical, actionable advise to entrepreneurs seeing to scale their businesses, drive brand value and increase revenue. 

Hamid Omid

PhD, Data Scientist

Senior data scientist with a strong background on marketing and sales data projects. Delivered several complex AI products across various industries. Holding PhD in theoretical physics and strong background in advanced mathematics and statistics.

The benefits of Account-Baed Marketing for GEOMATICS COmpanies

ABM & Geomatics Companies


Executives in tour target accounts should know about your brand. You are a startup that can bring creative disruptive solutions for their big problems.


You need to build trust and relationships to ensure your big contracts get signed and fully executed. You need happy customers who will be your assets to growth.


ABM can shorten sales cycle as you focus to tailor your offerings to specific companies. You built reputation and relationships that will accelerate your close rate.


ABM boosts conversion rates for every steps of your funnel. You get more engagement, but from fewer executives from the right companies.


You spend less on various marketing tactics as you are not selling to the world, instead you are selling to few hundreds of companies.

Kind Introductions

Highly personalized outreach helps you get introductions to accounts and executives that you can never cold-reach via marketing channels.

Performance - Based


1 month Satisfaction Guarantee (Full Refund) + Cancel anytime if we did not deliver results


For Founders/CXOs
$ 2498 Monthly
  • 100-200 Engaged Leads/Quarter
  • 10-20 Opportunities/Quarter
  • 3-12 Touchpoints Per Account


ENabling BD/Sales teams
$ 4898 Monthly
  • 200-400 Engaged Leads/Quarter
  • 20-40 Opportunities/Quarter
  • 7-40 Touchpoints per Account
  • 3 Parallel Campaigns
  • Weekly Meetings & More


Marketing & Sales Teams
Contact Us Monthly
  • 1000+ Engaged Leads/Quarter
  • 100+ Touchpoints Per Account
  • Two-Way CRM Data Sync
  • Digital Assets (Sales Materials)
  • Personalized Landing Pages
  • Sales Materials & Copywriting
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Note: Companies spend $7000-$12000/Month per Sales Development Rep (SDR). Our offer delivers predictable results on outbound sales prospecting. We boost your sales productivity through data intelligence, automation and personalization (without taking time from your team). We are up and running in 2-3 weeks [the ramp time for new hires is 3 months (on average).

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