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Buying business data as a lead source, but not seeing results?

The problem isn’t the data…

Read on to find out how companies and sales professionals are increasing their ROI by 2-10X, while getting back valuable hours of their time each week.

Like any successful CMO or B2B marketer, you know that relevant leads are the lifeblood of your business. Attracting quality leads, though, can be challenging in today’s hyper-competitive business world. That’s what makes purchasing a lead gen database so attractive – you can get high-quality, reliable contact details you can use to connect with the right people and close sales.

If you’ve purchased a database of potential business leads, though, you may have been disappointed with your results – especially if you are using email for outreach.

You’re definitely not alone – there are many others whose email performance fails to meet expectations. 

Marketers and companies are sending out twice the number of emails today as before the pandemic, yet responses have fallen by 37%

There are two main reasons for this:

1. Templated email copy – Companies and sales professionals are commonly taught to save time on email marketing by using copy-and-paste templates. This means they’re sending the exact same email to every contact on their list.

Templates aren’t time savers, though – they’re time wasters. That’s because people strongly dislike generic, templated messages. This approach generates low email open rates and even lower conversions.

2. Lack of time – While recipients respond much better to individualized, personally engaging messages, sales professionals typically don’t have time to write each one from scratch.

Many salespeople feel they spend too much time on writing and administrative tasks as it is – the typical sales pro spends 38% of their day writing emails and entering data, one Hubspot study shows.

As a result, the contacts from your database are either receiving generic emails that cast your brand in a negative light, or they’re not hearing much from you at all. 

Neither scenario is likely to cultivate the kind of relationship that translates to long-term sales. 

Personalized messages start conversations.

Think about your own email inbox for a moment. What emails do you open and respond to, and which emails do you simply delete without opening? 

If you’re like most busy professionals, you open the ones that you feel are personally relevant to you. This could mean emails sent by people you know and who respect your time, but it can also mean emails that connect with your unique experience.

For example, if you’re an avid golfer, you’d be more inclined to open, read, and reply to an email referencing golf. If you’re actively planning for retirement, you’d probably open an email with estate tax saving tips. 

You’re also more likely to open and engage with emails and messages from senders when they communicate consistently. It’s hard to stay “top of mind” when potential clients only hear from you every other month. 

But a generic pitch email – you can spot one of those from a mile away. If it feels like a mass-sent, templated message, you’re probably just going to ignore or delete it. 

Same with emails and messages from infrequent senders. After a while, people forget about you – and then they stop opening your messages. 

Your potential clients and customers are the same way.

They want to hear from you consistently – frequently sending valuable content can go a long way toward making you or your company the “go to” provider in your industry. 

They also want to feel like an “audience of one” – like each message they receive from you was written just for them. 

When they feel acknowledged, understood, and valued, leads tend to say “yes” to your offers more quickly… and remain loyal for years or decades. 

What’s the solution?

For most sales pros, the choice has come down to sending ineffective emails, or burning themselves out writing emails from scratch when they should be focusing on more productive sales tasks. 

Fortunately, there’s a better solution. 

Quite simply, that solution is to put the technology of AI to work for you. 

What if you had access to a platform that would research your leads for you to discover their goals, hopes, frustrations, interests, and more?

What if that platform could synthesize what it learns about each lead to generate and send engaging, just-for-you emails and LinkedIn messages – written like a copywriter created them from scratch? 

And what if getting started was as simple as connecting or uploading your lead contact data? 

Introducing Personize

done-for-you email marketing done right.

Personize takes the time and guesswork out of email optimization by crafting marketing emails that command recipients’ attention. Our unconventional platform acts as your “digital detective” by silently gathering information about any lead – just enter their contact data!

The algorithm doesn’t just look for superficial information – it looks for valuable clues to uncover the prospective buyer’s frustrations, worries, obstacles, goals, influences, and more. It’s the kind of information you’d expect one friend to know about another. 

Then, the magic happens. The software uses what it learns about each lead to craft natural, conversational emails that connect on a personal level. 

Once that’s done, our human copywriters review and adjust as needed.

The content each recipient receives sounds like it was written just for them – because it is! 

It’s like having your own research, copywriting, and email marketing team.

What if you could take all of those emails off your plate, and let our powerful AI take care of persuasive, on-target email marketing for you? 

You’d certainly get back hours of your time – the average sales professional spends more than 40 hours a month on composing and sending emails. 

But you could also see dramatically better results from your efforts, too – personalized emails can increase your ROI by 2-10X.

Personalized emails drive click-through rates by up to 530%, and generate 334% more replies than traditional mass email strategies. 

Does that sound like something you’d like to experience for yourself? 

Then get the full details and start your free Personize trial today.

Personize can Free up 20-50% of your selling time spent on writing emails, follow ups, and researching each lead

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With Personize, you can Free up 20-50% of your selling time spent on writing emails, follow ups, and researching each lead

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