An end-to-end data science package, designed to increase the close rate for new customers. FOCUS enables sales professionals and executives to identify hot leads that are 10 times more likely to close than other leads.

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Customer Profiling

This package analyzes data of new leads coming from various sources, as well as anonymous visitors interacting with your business. Customer Profiling identifies data patterns shared among those leads that convert to qualified leads, unqualified leads, and also those that become customers.

Customer profiling provides actionable insights on how to identify hot leads, nurture leads with great potential, and reduce the sales cycle.

Advanced Prediction Engine

Our AI platform trains and tunes 100s of machine/deep learning algorithms on customer data to predict various key indicators and conversions such as close rate, qualified, interests, persona, sales cycle, etc. The best models are selected and deployed to continuously analyze new customer data points to predict future outcomes.

Predictions enable revenue teams to prioritize and focus on high-value opportunities, improve and personalize their campaigns.

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Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis (KDA) is a powerful module that we apply to your leads data to identify the most influential factors that increase or reduce their conversions.

The KDA insights inform decision-making processes to develop winning strategies and optimize marketing tactics and materials.

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Pipeline Optimizer

Pipeline optimizer provides actionable insights derived from analyzing past leads & opportunities to boost the close rate and reduce the sales cycle.

Pipeline optimizer provides actionable insights and predictions that help identify winning tactics and align marketing efforts to maximize sales performance, which is to close more of better deals.

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