Close with confidence

Enhanced customer insights boost sales performance

  • Prioritize opportunities to focus on those are more likely to close
  • Provide actionable insights about each customer to tailor negotiations
  • Avoid spending time on irrelevant information
  • Get the information faster and with less time
  • More time spent on selling

Let customer actions guide you

Understand the importance of every customer action, by focussing on this journey we can gain more closing opportunities.

For instance, a customer visits your website, attends a webinar to learn more and lastly checked marketing emails about a new product. Since last month, they have 31 various touch point, this information needs to be passed on to your sales team. By providing this information the next call with the customer can increase the probability of closing significantly.

Never Miss An Opportunity by distributing data to those that need to see it.

Add predictive insights to your customer profiles

Customer intelligence predicts the probability of win, churn, upsell, and more for each customer. It recommends what products to offer, provides contextual insights based on customer’s actions. It predicts the persona of each customer and provides the best contents that could help your negotiations.

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