Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence unifies and then transforms customer data to actionable insights, which will be delivered in the right tools that empower revenue teams.


Customer Master Table (CMT)

Customer Master Table (CMT) unifies the most important data assets in any company: huge collections of customer data. CMT creates an easy-to-read, complete understanding of each customer/lead. Our first task is to bring all customer data from your most active platforms like CRM, Marketing, Products and ERP systems into Master Table, the data will be cleaned, normalized, and unified.

As part of the unifying process, the raw customer data is further analyzed to extract more meaningful data points around each customer, this meaningful data makes understanding the customer significantly more efficient for your team. All of the insights extracted from customer data are then added to CMT. Master Table data can be synced back to CRM, marketing, and other systems that are currently being used to communicate customer data.

Give your team instant access to a master table of all the most valuable insights about each customer.

To empower your sales team to close more often and meet annual quotas.

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Customer Profiling

Wondering what influences your customers' decision making?

Customer Profiling analyzes activities and decisions made by your customers over time and uses all data points across marketing and sales and products, etc. and looks for actionable insights aiming to enable sales leaders and revenue teams to optimize their tactics and strategies.

Your own customer data will be thoroughly analyzed to create a shared understanding among all revenue teams about your customers, their buying journey, and various types of customers data from visits to your websites as well as their product usage. It analyzes leads and/or existing customers to identify meaningful patterns from their complex interactions with your business.

Customer Profiling helps identify to then analyze distinctive personas/profiles with distinguishable characteristics including the probability of win, buying interests, buying behaviours, winning tactics, risks, etc. All these points push us us to achieve our main goals ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of all B2B companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes.

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Customer 360

Customer 360 delivers dashboards, designed & build by world-class data scientists, in platforms like Power BI or Tableau that provide a complete overview of each customer’s key interactions & events that have happened and are presently happening around each account. Only once customer data is unified in Customer Master Table, we develop various dashboards with the most popular tools to enable leaders and sales teams to get actionable insights about each customer.


What does this do for the bottom line?

Customer Intelligence brings all customer data from past and present into an efficient process where all revenue teams are on the same page and working towards crushing the sales goals set for the year.

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