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Increase Close Rate

FOCUS is our solution that improves conversion rates for leads/new customers.

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Increase Renewals & Upsell

PROTECT solution enables to minimize churn rate and locate the best upsell opportunities.

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Data-Driven Tactics

LEAD solution delivers actionable insights to sales leaders and revenue teams and helps them take the best next actions in presence of uncertainties.


CMT is an essential package of our implementation. CMT is to ensure that we feed our data science packages with the best customer data. From various data sources inside your organization, prospect/customer data is collected, cleaned, processed and transformed (and in some cases might be enriched with external sources). CMT is a very large table where its rows are customers/leads and its columns are all attributes that exist across various tools inside an organization


Customer Profiling combines various visual and computational techniques to enable you to fully understand your customers & leads. Your own customer data will be thoroughly analyzed to create a shared understanding among all revenue teams about your customers, the buyer journey, and various types of customers visiting your websites and using your products & services. It analyzes leads and/or customers to identify meaningful patterns from their complex interactions with your business. It analyzes activities and decisions made by your customers over time and uses all data points across marketing and sales and products, etc. and looks for actionable insights to enable sales leaders and revenue teams to optimize their tactics and strategies.


Persona Prediction enables better and more effective personalization and automation for various marketing and sales activities. Each persona has distinguishable interests (pain points), buying behaviors, engagement patterns, etc. It is hard for salespeople to know each individual especially when 70% of their buying journey is happening online & without engaging a salesperson. Using Persona Prediction, as soon as they know the persona of their lead/customer, sales teams can quickly optimize their sales tactics.


Lead Scoring boosts effectiveness and efficiency of sales teams to spend their time on selling to opportunities with highest chance of win. It identifies hot leads that are 10 times more likely to close than the rest of leads. Lead Scoring increases win rates and helps more salespeople hit their quotas.


Churn Prediction analyzes all signals around existing customers to predict those with high chance of churn (cancelling their contract or not renewing) as early as possible. Churn Prediction gives sales team enough time to protect more of existing customers. Renewal Prediction analyzes all signals around existing customers to predict those with high chance of buying more from you.


Key Driver Analysis (KDA) combines and applies a number of powerful AI components and looks for underlying reasons behind wins, losses, churns, successful renewals, and upsells. KDA delivers actionable insights to leaders to devise the next best actions. KDA looks for insights from various angels such as per territory, per vertical, per customer type, per customer persona.


Customer 360 delivers dashboards in Power BI or Tableau that provide a complete view of each customer of things that happened and are happening around each account. After unifying all customers data in Customer Master Table, we develop various dashboards in most popular BI tools enable leaders and sales teams to get actionable insights about each customer.


Revenue forecasting delivers more accurate forecasts on revenue-related outcomes. It predicts quota attainment percentages for each salesperson and territory. Revenue forecasting is also to save time during strategic planning for sales leaders by automating the analysis of customer data from various data sources.

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