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Four key areas that We can significantly boost

Selling Time

2/3rd of their time, salespeople are not selling. They spend hours every day on pre-sale research, verifying data, logging activities, and checking on average 5.2 tools.


Revenue forecasting is a time-consuming process that usually lacks accuracy and actionable details like revenue key drivers for each territory, salesperson, product, and channel.


Sales team will be more effective and efficient if they know a prospect’s persona alongside recent interactions with the company (e.g. website, ads, products, …).


Good prospects are 10 times more likely to close than a bad prospect. Previous won and lost deals can enable data-driven scoring of leads to focus sales reps on good prospects.

How We Help

Highly specialized team with a diverse set of skills

CRM Data Enrichment

The better the data, the more deals the salespeople close. We ensure that accounts & leads are cleaned of duplicates/ errors, and enriched with data points from marketing, customer service, and product management tools to personalize negotiations.

Predictive Insights

The predictive power of AI will optimize processes, save hours of intensive analysis, help prioritize prospects and personalize negotiations. Enabling salespeople to take the best action every step of the sales journey.

Manual Work Automation

Sales teams spend significant time on data entry, research, and pre-sales call efforts. We use a set of tools to reduce these tedious manual tasks by 80% to focus salespeople on closing more deals.

Persona-based Playbook

Using the API, custom playbooks can be quickly deployed to enable sales teams with predictions & insights. Based on the predicted persona, the playbook recommends best tactics, materials, lessons learned, and actions that together will maximize the win of each opportunity.

Enable With Custom Tools

Using all data, predict personas and recommend the best Next Actions

AI Sales Assistants

Our powerful bots can automate 90% of manual research time by extracting information from accounts, and contextual data to enable personalization.

Interactive Playbooks

Having years of experience, we can quickly build custom Salesforce apps and also independent web and mobile apps to enable sales team to be more productive and make data-driven decisions.

Ready to Grow Sales Fast

No Bottleneck on Sales Operations to hinder your Growth

Why Work With Us?

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Data Sources

We connect, clean, enrich, and unify your customers/prospects data across various sources: CRM, Marketing tools, Products, Customer Service, …

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projects delivered

Our team has designed, built, implemented, operated on several clouds, analytics, and AI projects across various industries. 

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Faster to Results

What takes months or years internally, we deliver in a fraction of that time. It means our clients will realize revenue growth much sooner than they expect.


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