Robust Choice


Drive Sales with Strategic Alignment between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success


Here is why:

Sales Enablement

More than 60% of salespeople do not hit their quotas. Win/Loss Analysis measures salespeople effectiveness in various sales settings, benchmarks them against others to identify key drivers for their wins and losses, and enables them with actionable insights to hit quotas.

Customer Intelligence

Win/Loss Analysis uncovers key underlying reasons on why prospects buy from you, choose competitors, or make no decisions at all. It looks into customers’ buying process, their perception on the effort needed for and usability of your products, decision making process, their needs and pain points, and expected onboarding and change management.

Marketing Alignment

Building on sales teams’ unique capabilities and customer intelligence, Win/Loss Analysis improves buyer personas, predicts ROI per marketing tactic, and helps optimize messaging and positioning per buyer persona in each territory.

Product Management

Customers love or hate your products for reasons that could be far different from what you pitch as features. Win/Loss Analysis helps see the role of their existing infrastructure, their customers, processes, other purchases with similarities, management direction, the culture, and what they had learned from competitors!

Analyze New strategies against all possible futures


Powered by AI: data-driven strategies

We apply numerous Machine Learning algorithms on your data to build most powerful predictive model on your Revenue. The optimized model will be used to predict consequences of your new strategies and ideas.

Sales Simulation for Training

Our Win/Loss Analysis and What-If Analysis provide the best resources to train new hires as well as the existing teams on why the company wins and loses, and how to win better customers more often together!

Mitigate Consequences of Sales Team Turnover

More than one third of the sales teams leave a company every year. Our Win/Loss Analysis helps evaluate and optimize re-assignments of existing opportunities in a way to maximize the win rate.