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The Art of Using AI in B2B Sales

By Hamed Taheri, CEO at Robust Choice

By 2025, more than 60% of B2B companies will utilize AI and Technology to boost their sales. Their sales force will deliver 2-3 times what they can do today. Without AI and technology, companies will lose customers and even markets to their competitors. In this webinar, Hamed, an experienced data scientist, shares his practical insights from more than 10 years of experiences he gathered as executives of various high-tech startups on how to build Good Data for your sales team.

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Sep 29th 2021


Hamed Taheri

CEO at Robust Choice

The Art of Using AI in B2B Sales

Part 2: Practical Personalization for B2B Prospecting

Buyers are annoyed and hate generic templates we send to them via Email or LinkedIn. In fact, 1% of buyers, on average, would respond to templated messages and 1-5% would answer to incoming calls from unknown callers. In other words, we may spam 99 potential buyers to get one positive reply. Many organizations reported that personalization has boosted their conversions by 760%. We believe it can boost even more. 

In this presentation, Hamed shares some free/affordable tactics as well as some advanced tools you can use to deliver personalized messages to your buyers to get more of them engage with you.  


About Robust Choice

Since 2014, we have developed and delivered several products and solutions with AI and analytics capabilities. Robust Choice has evolved to become a specialized firm to enable sales/marketing teams in the B2B space. The team behind Robust Choice are experienced data scientists, software professionals, and leaders with decades of experience in complex business development, executive networking, and relationship sales in various industrial and public sectors. Our mission is to help small and medium businesses scale the sales of their products and services in existing and new markets. 

We have clients who we help scale their sales in various industries including Manufacturing, Telco, IIoT, Enterprise Software, Real Estate, Construction, Health, Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Engineering Services, and many more.


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