About Robust Choice

Since 2014, we have developed and delivered several products and solutions with AI and analytics capabilities. Robust Choice has evolved to become a specialized firm to enable sales/marketing teams in the B2B space. The team behind Robust Choice are experienced data scientists, software professionals, and leaders with decades of experience in complex business development, executive networking, and relationship sales in various industrial and public sectors. Our mission is to help small and medium businesses scale the sales of their products and services in existing and new markets. 

We help our clients scale their sales in various industries including Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Health, Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Manufacturing, SaaS, Software, Services, and many more.


Building AI superpower for B2B marketers & salespeople

Everyone keeps telling you how much your business needs AI to boost your revenue. They make sure you know how important digital transformation is to unlocking your industry, bringing in new customers, and growing your sales funnels. The pitch always sounds simple, but the solutions they give you always feel more complicated than they need to be, right?

Our clients come to us with the same frustration all the time. B2B marketing technologies and AI are meant to make your life simpler, not harder. That’s why, we developed a series of solutions that take all the complexities of artificial intelligence (AI) and rearranges them in a way that puts you back in control of your sales process. Like our solutions, we’re committed to keeping our mission clear, simple but effective. At Robust Choice, we help SMBs as well as large enterprises optimize their sales, scale up in their existing markets, and expand into new ones. 

That mission is a team effort. We aren’t just a group of technicians. We’re data scientists, software professionals, and business leaders with decades of experience. That experience stretches from complex business development to executive networking and relationship-based sales. At Robust Choice, we bring unique results to our B2B customers after navigating all the B2B sales problems you’ll find in so many sectors today. Before we talked the talk, we walked the walk. But now we’re here to help you build new paths on your journey to sales excellence. We pair our AI-driven platform with our team’s experience to reduce the cost on your end while helping you engage with high-value clients. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s simplify the future of innovative B2B sales together.


Hamed Taheri

Product & Technology

Product visionary with leadership roles in various high-tech B2B startups. 10+ years of experience in various B2B software product development & enterprise Implementation. Holding 2 MSc degrees from UBC and IUT on Data Science, Visual Analytics & Decision Support Systems.

Reza Jalali

Client Strategy
Operations Experience in multiple startups in hardware manufacturing, healthcare technologies, and software products. Hand-on experience with marketing and sales technologies, Building sales funnel and process automation, strong team management, disciplined execution person, client management.

Pari Zadeh

Markering Executive
Diverse communication roles in various organizations especially in construction, sustainability, environmental services, and manufacturing. At Robust Choice, I am managing clients’ marketing projects from planning, execution, and reporting.


Matt Langie

Digital Marketing Guru

Former CMO at XANT | Marketing Leadership in scaling high-growth startups

Steve Wittal

Grow-to-Exit Sales Leader

Business Strategy | Succession Planning | Leading Sales Teams

Hamid Omid

PhD, Senior Data Scientist

Senior data scientist with a strong background on marketing and sales data projects.

Creative Solutions to boost B2B Sales

Highly Targeted Approach

Our AI solution enables us to focus all of efforts & resources on top 20% of your top accounts that are responsible for 80% of your revenue. We make sure you gain the most revenue at minimum cost.

Advanced Data Science

We apply various cutting-edge data engineering, machine learning and AI to build the most accurate, clean, and complete database. We believe Good Data plays a key role to win new customers in complex industries.

Fully Automated & Personalized

We aim to automate all data entry, research, and operational processes for each person. We also enable them to scale their outreach with highly personalized messages.

Metrics-Driven Execution

We measure everything at each stage to optimize our outreach programs. We observe & analyze key metrics like connectivity rate, clicks, replies, booked meetings, etc.

Highly Skilled Team

Our team comprise of senior data scientists, product builders, and leaders with extensive experiences in complex business development, executive networking and relationship sales in various industrial sectors.

Ultimate Customer Support

Our clients expect quality and we provide it for them. We never settle, always improve, and see their business like ours. Their wins are ours.

Our Client

Enabling customers to grow in construction, software, manufacturing, engineering, telco, ...

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