Sales Growth Initiative – Overview

Proven funnel that effective engage and win opportunities within specific list of accounts

Executive Summary

As we are looking to assist you with your Sales Growth Initiatives(SGI), we offer a phased approach including our most popular solution (ABM) for net new logos/businesses as well as expansion of services with existing clients.

To achieve the best results, our first objective is to identify, reach and engage the right people inside the right companies. Then, we aim to utilize omnichannel outreach tactics that’ll maximize the number of leads to learn about your unique compelling value propositions, and engage to book meetings with you. To succeed, we will take advantage of cutting-edge technology, AI, and automation tools to increase the number of touch-points/follow-ups while maintaining high level of personalization.

In this article, we provide an overview of our methodology, solutions, and various options to bring value to your organization. We are going to build a highly-targeted omnichannel funnel, similar to the image below, for your organization to engage the right people inside the right companies with personalized messages.

Methodology Overview

Account Based Marketing or Selling Strategy

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is a focused growth strategy in which Marketing and Sales collaborate to create personalized buying experiences for a mutually-identified set of high-value accounts. Account-based marketing allows you to weed out less-valuable companies early on and ensure Marketing and Sales are in complete alignment — in return, your team can leap into the critical processes of engaging and delighting those accounts much faster. ABM helps your business work and communicate with high-value accounts as if they’re individual markets. By doing this — along with personalizing the buyer’s journey and tailoring all communications, content, and campaigns to those specific accounts — you'll see greater ROI and a boost in customer loyalty.

[ref: HubSpot]

Once we had that information, we were able to build two complementary outreach plans that were suited to different audiences.

1) Executive to Executive

Using LinkedIn, we were able to connect on an Executive to Executive level using concise, respectful, but genuinely engaging messaging to generate leads. 

2) Expert to Expert

With this plan, we used technical language to establish the salesperson as an expert and thought leader in the right technical fields before initiating the conversation.

Omnichannel Outreach

Why Us

We help scale business development into complex industries

At the Robust Choice team, we have been working with our clients to deliver various processes and tool-set that generate the growth that they needed, especially after Covid. Our most-wanted solution has been our “targeted business development automation”, where we help companies reach new accounts via automation and creative ways to use AI for personalization.

We deliver strong results and highly-accurate data

Working with several B2B clients, we have delivered strong results outperforming our competitors and similar offerings.

We take care of everything for you (Turnkey Solution)

Your team does not need to do anything. Our highly skilled team will take care of all technical activities and dealing with technologies for you:

✔ Building accurate database from multiple sources

✔ Data cleaning (removing duplicates, missing data)

✔ Data pipelines, moving data from automation tools to CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, …)

✔ Technology selection and maintenance

✔ Managing technical infrastructure

We offer premium support

We have weekly tactical meetings with our clients to review everything and plan the next best actions. We offer semi-Real Time messaging channel (ie. Slack, ClickUp) within work hours for priority support to each salesperson we serve inside your organization.

Team & Technology

Robust Choice has a world-class team of data scientists who developed our own proprietary algorithms that analyze each client’s CRM data and build a highly accurate database of target accounts in the US, Canada, and Europe. We use Machine Learning and continuous data engineering tasks, which together have played a key role to outperform other solutions.

Strong Results

We added $1-10m of new businesses to our clients' pipelines in less than one year

More Meetings Booked
0 %

Measured as number of meetings booked with our solutions vs. before our engagement

Connectivity Rate
0 %

Measured as new connections to 1+ executive(s) inside your target accounts

Shorter Sales Cycle
0 %

Measured as # of months saved to get to “demo meetings”, “proposal sent”, “RFQ”, and “Closed”

Engagement Rate
0 %

Measured as # of replies out of those executives that our client connected to

Our Secret Sauce

Four characteristics of winning sales copies that can drive great results in engaging high-profile executives


When it comes to B2B marketing, brevity is king. The critical decision-makers reading your messages don’t have time to scroll through to find your primary sales thrust. It needs to be bold, upfront, and each email or LinkedIn message should be no more than 100 words.


Our research shows that personalization can increase your reply rate by 760%, but personalizing a message is more than just using a first name or dropping a company name. You need to demonstrate that you’ve researched your target and are presenting a  business case or pitch that is highly relevant to their specific needs.


There is a good chance that your target revised thousands of stilted generic sales messages every day, and ignores every one of them. To stand out from the crowd, you need to properly engage them with an authentic and conversational tone and a clear and valuable message.

Authenticity and human tone

People are surprisingly sensitive to what has been written by a human and what is AI-generated. If you are using  AI personalization in your lead gen, then it needs to be able to accurately replicate an authentic human tone.

We used Personize

Using Personize, our platform, we generated content for the messaging campaign that derived the required levels of personalization from the data cache we built during our research phase. 

All of the messages generated had an authentic conversational tone indistinguishable from a human writer and concisely made the case for our client. 

Rather than resting on our laurels, we ran continuous A/B testing of our messaging as well as optimizing our social profile to perfect the level of personalization.

To keep the client in the loop, we ran weekly tactical meetings with our client’s executives and sales team where we reviewed the overall connectivity (% of people inside target accounts connecting to our client), the initial responses to our campaign, and then, if required, repositioned based on that data.


With Personize, you can Free up 20-50% of your selling time spent on writing emails, follow ups, and researching each lead

The Results

During the project, we were able to achieve the following for our client:

24.46% Connectivity rate (measured as at least one executive inside a target company being connected to our client).

Connected to 600+ executives in less than a month, each with a potential buyer connected on LinkedIn. This means more of the right people, such as those with access to the budget) can see their business posts 

30.50% engagement rate (% of people who are connected started a conversation with our client)

Three demo meetings booked with biggest International telco companies

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With Personize, you can Free up 20-50% of your selling time spent on writing emails, follow ups, and researching each lead

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