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IOT & iIOT Sales Acceleration

We run highly targeted marketing for IOT companies active in Telco & Manufacturing To win new customers in both the private and public sectors across North America and Europe.

Strong Results

We added $1-10m of new businesses to our clients' pipelines in less than one year

More Meetings Booked
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Measured as number of meetings booked with our solutions vs. before our engagement

Connectivity Rate
0 %

Measured as new connections to 1+ executive(s) inside your target accounts

Shorter Sales Cycle
0 %

Measured as # of months saved to get to “demo meetings”, “proposal sent”, “RFQ”, and “Closed”

Engagement Rate
0 %

Measured as # of replies out of those executives that our client connected to

Industry-Optimized Content

IOT & iIOT Sales

We help IOT sales & marketing leaders with products, services, and tools to facilitate the executive-to-executive conversations & reduce cycles in complex industrial sales.

Good Data for Manufacturing Clients

We take care of all of your database needs and we will build the most accurate database of your potential buyers in North America and Europe. We use AI to prioritize, tag and segment them based on your priorities as well as their websites and behavioral data.

Companies Indexed
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Professionals Verified
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Attributes Extracted
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Websites Media Monitored
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Done-For-You Model




We deliver a CRM-ready database of the top companies and decision makers who may buy your offerings.


With an in-depth understanding in Manufacturing, we develop sales materials that attract the executives in your target accounts.


We complement your marketing infrastructure with tools, data, and automation to drive deals for your company.

Business Cases

See how we helped our clients active in construction, manufacturing, health care, government, real estate, venture capital, agriculture, forestry, and energy industries.

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